August 12 – 8pm – Reno, NV. – Dad’s Backyard

2004 / poetry

The orange, pinks and blues in the sky surprises me to a stutter of words to write, The tranquil pond sits beside me the fish in it glare through the water, Looking at me as though I am an intruder of their realm of being.
The yellow one sunshine, my fish, looks like a Chinese New Year dragon.
As I sit here by the tranquil pond in my backyard, I wonder if my fish ever have a taste of what is out there, in the world. Will he ever visit China and see these dragons, and then wish he were one? A taste of satisfaction is all anyone needs in life, a taste of what will come. As the night grows darker, and thus the sooner I go, after the minor interruption,  Is there some reason why all of the physical lights go on brighter as the cosmical ones grow darker, and yet god always provides light even in darkness.

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