damaged water *late2006*

2006 / poetry

as her hair slides gently into the water
like an ocean of colorful strands, dancing
like waves on a beach,
dark and yet so light,
does her heart feel,
for the pain, loss and sorrow, but then also for the
joy, happiness, and gratitude,
as she lays in the water she ponderers, on her hair,
a mismatched color-ment of sorts,
dark fades into light, brown into blond and back again,
with hints of red when her head hits the lights; just right;
she plays with each strand as her own,
wrestling with each knot of contentment, each strand of fear,
each powerful moment that has surrounded her , her hair has changed with her,
now as it captures the waters attention
it seemingly melts into oblivion,
her hair like a river , flowing and changing with her,
now it is slowly coming suffering to an end,
the horror,
the pain,
the suffering,
it is moving to a new era of,
starting new,
starting fresh and clean,
free of dirt,
the damage will always be there,
it will just not be visible;
at least not to an innocent bystander,
only to the ones who look inside,
who see her,
through the pain; and the happiness; there is always damage…

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