I Know How You Feel

2007 / poetry

I know how you feel
i have been there to
awake in the darkness
and falling into oblivion
scared of an answer
scared of a question
i see you sitting there
dark hair
mascara smeared
trying to figure out the mess
I wish i could take you away
to a better place
i have been there to
i know how you feel
i truly do
because just like you
i hate to deal with him
walking on a tightrope
afraid to say a word
scared to open up
scared to be closed
for yourself
you are brave
you are wise
this will get better
keep pushing on
keep your head above the water
i know what it feels like to be drowning;
and the only person who can help you is yourself
remember I am here also.
I know how you feel
i have been there to.

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