fuck it im done

2007 / poetry

fuck family; scratch that<
fuck people who judge me.
fuck people who think i am crazy
fuck people who think i am bipolar
fuck people who think i am schizo
fuck people who really fucking care if i am the last three
fuck DRAMA
fuck people who cause drama
fuck people who want drama
and double fuck the people who try and put me in the middle of their drama
fuck people who think they know me.
i am about as honest on myspace and yahoo 360 as i am in life.
i do not create someone online different than who i really am in person
i did not start blogging or using myspace for amusement or to “hook-up” with friends
(although that is more or less what i use it for now)
i started it for the simple reason that i wanted to get my hurt and frustration out of my head.
i am no different here than in real life.
fuck being fake
it doesn’t help
at all
fuck the bitter, shallow, mother fucking people who do NOT know who i am and assume that i am this certain way because i was that way in the past.
they cannot know me unless they spend actual TIME with me.
1 day, 3 days or a week does NOT count!
I am different than i was 2 years ago (before i met Sol)
not kinda different; WAY different
i have a different attitude on life
I have a purpose where there was none before.
I am even different than 6 months ago.
I got married in November of last year.
yeah i was different then.
not as much. but i become healthy and happier everyday.
i am different because i LOVE my life.
i cherish every moment.
i will not nor am i a door-mat for other people
i want to be different NOT normal.
fuck normal because it is VERY overratted
i want to be who i want to be
i want to love whom i want to love
fuck anyone who disagrees with the fact that i am happy.

fuck it im done.

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