2008 / poetry

his mere voice made my heart skip a beat.
that summer evening i didn’t even see his face.
but i was intrigued.
the words, that voice, he was talking with another woman,
but i wanted him to whisper into my ear.
all night my thoughts raced, i couldn’t sleep,
i awaited the moment our eyes would meet.
when they finally did. i suddenly wanted him.
more than his voice. i wanted him.
to touch me, my hand, brush my face, my lips.
neither of which ever happened,
for brief moments in time when we were ever alone,
the lust came back … every time
how can someone make me feel this way,
their mere presence, mere voice, excite such a passion in me.
i wanted to tell him, i wanted to run to him and tell him all of my dirty little secrets.
i wanted to be rescued.
but as such in my life with every man that i long for; we never quite get there.
never get to see it played out, i have recently done this with two of the three that i have ever wished i would have the guts to pour my soul to, one which ended in all of my hopes being smashed into little pieces, and the other, i am with. he still feels like a friend though, one of those friends whom you love no matter how many stupid things they do. and then there is the last guy, i feel torn by him,
he propels my imagination to new heights,
he brings everyone of my beliefs to light
I dream about him.
his every word, he speaks or writes etches onto my heart,
and even if these words only fall upon this screen; i want them out there finally….

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