i never said your name

2009 / poetry

I never said your name
Never spoke ill
I just saw the sweetness
The words that you wrote
Juicy, seducing,
Just simply wisk me off my feet amazing
But then time started to blur
Was he real?
Was it real?
Was this all a joke played just to see how far i’d go?
Maybe I just wanted a moment.
Maybe I just wanted a friend.
Maybe I just wanted the real you.
You will never know;
Neither will I.
Your picture has faded from my mind
Lost somewhere within the now blurred words.
I am now just like all your other whores played into your games, taken
away somewhere, nowhere.
I only know of Sara so I will speak of her in the nicest of thoughts
as I always should have. I remember Sara and how I know she really did
love you.
Am I allowed to admit it now that she was one of the few women I was
ever jealous of?
You ran away scared from her. Just like you did with me. I think after
this I may post some of those writings; if only for histories sake. If
only to have them finally archived.

So that I can move on.

My heart is an ocean and you are but a drop in it now.


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