a promise *sonnet*

thou times my try us you will always be mine and thou the sun may not always come up for us always you will be in my heart & soul, and though time might escape us through the years our love will hold strong and you shall always be the one whom my heart holds […]

toxic friendship

Their toxic stenchreeked of fateshall we answer itwe told ourselves notheir poison they entrusted us withseemed far to shallowa gift for a frienda waita lonely silenceuntilthey try and take us over againthe ride they gave us wastoofaroverthe topwe fought the fightwe could never winwe struggled the strugglewe never needed toit always comes back to the […]


i cannot tie these knots tight enough around my thoughts consuming me, killing me pushing me to my core obnoxious bickering fighting without words my head is a cacophony of sickness how could i ever forget the words the deafening words endless wars they never have ceased even after all of these years i still […]

old cobwebs

dust fills the cobwebs of the inner creases of my mind of those times we shared, the awkwardness of emotions the feelings of our breaths touching two separate worlds now never again i never wanted it neither did you it just happened and we live on separately forever.  

the door

the door is half way open if you dare to step through i cannot take the abuse you silently consume i push myself away from the very thing i am why you just step over it like its all pretend i dont force a smile you put it their for me i force my screams […]

burned to the ground

you burned my soul to the ground etched out my heart with a razorblade cut back the layers and scorched it with your searing fire of anger.

fuck it im done

fuck family; scratch that< fuck people who judge me. fuck people who think i am crazy fuck people who think i am bipolar fuck people who think i am schizo fuck people who really fucking care if i am the last three fuck DRAMA fuck people who cause drama fuck people who want drama and […]

Britney Spears Songs:

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before I break

as i press my body against the glass i wonder how much pressure it can take before it breaks and i fall into another place of torture when the oceans of glass crash at my feet of horror & where the pieces of my soul never rest, and only scream for peace.

I Know How You Feel

I know how you feel i have been there to awake in the darkness and falling into oblivion scared of an answer scared of a question i see you sitting there dark hair mascara smeared trying to figure out the mess I wish i could take you away to a better place i have been […]

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