his mere voice made my heart skip a beat. that summer evening i didn’t even see his face. but i was intrigued. the words, that voice, he was talking with another woman, but i wanted him to whisper into my ear. all night my thoughts raced, i couldn’t sleep, i awaited the moment our eyes […]

end of a beginning: part 1

the timing was dreadful the pace was olympic it all came into one.this one day. this one time. all of it. all at once. i still feel he pain every day. but somehow, someway i know its all right.


everything that i love about you everything that is all but true in my heart is not what i want to be or what i want to be around my heart aches longs for your embrace. but i want to push you away, throw out the key why? i am not me. around you things […]

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