i never said your name

I never said your name Never spoke ill I just saw the sweetness The words that you wrote Juicy, seducing, Just simply wisk me off my feet amazing But then time started to blur Was he real? Was it real? Was this all a joke played just to see how far i’d go? Maybe I […]

broken by so many

Been broken by so many Played so much it’s not fun anymore I still go on Everyday This empty soul I don’t pray for answer anymore I hope someday it will come to me A glimpse even will do So I can deliver my heart From this prison I fight everyday I will still be […]

The screams are released. The power it displays In pools of red crimson I let my heart get away from me Trusted to too much Toyed with my emotions. I played your games Can’t be myself anywhere else The nights get lonlier The nights get longer I pray he can’t see it The pain I […]

i shouldnt post this

i want him so badly i can almost taste him my entire being is craving him his touch his voice in my ear him lying next to me touching me kissing me kissing him even just to feel this once even for a moment i have never craved; anyone like this so help me i […]

hot topic

shes a hot topic under my thoughts hot on the rader channeled by phonography to bad she cant handle it to bad the people cant hear her screams i want her like my drug kiss her lips my hands moving down her leg into my thoughts into her skirt unzipping my pants caressing her touch […]

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